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Questions for your Doctor: Before the Orchiectomy

This list of questions is intended to help you make the most of your visit to the urologist in preparation for an orchiectomy. It is not an exhaustive list of questions, so be sure to look it over before you see the doctor and add any others that might apply to your specific situation.

This particular list is intended to be used after you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, but before you have received any treatment. The scope of the questions is pretty narrow since there are few choices at this point. The orchiectomy is almost always done before any other treatment is started. If your tumor is very advanced and you already know that from CT Scans, Tumor Markers, or other symptoms, then it might make sense to begin chemotherapy right away and skip the orchiectomy. However, this is pretty unusual, and I would not recommend doing it without having your doctor consult with an expert first.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this list, please feel free to send me an email!

General Stuff

These are general questions that most people have when they learn that they have testicular cancer, and they are going to need to have it removed.

Surgical Questions

These questions are specifically aimed at the details surrounding the surgical procedure and recovery.

After the Surgery is Over

Cosmetic Stuff

Obviously, removing a cancerous testicle will leave you with one less testicle. Most men are OK with this, but a lot of younger, single guys are really bothered by this. In the past, due to silicone implant issues in the United States, it has been very difficult to do anything about this. Times have changed, and if you are interested in an implant, it is possible to get one. You may have to do some work and/or have two surgeries, though, so investigate this issue up front. For more information, check out the TCRC's implants page.

Support Questions

Your urologist is not a psychologist, and bedside manners vary a lot. You may or may not want to ask about this sort of stuff, and even if you ask, you may not get a good response. Obviously, if you are reading this list, you know that the TCRC exists. We have many support options available if you are interested.


Here are some random questions that you might want to ask. Some talk about the far future, and others may give you more insight into the nature and opinions of your doctor.

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