About 30 years ago my cousin Sammy was diagnosed with testicular cancer as a young man in his 20's. Fortunately they caught it in time and removed the diseased testicle. Shortly thereafter I was home on leave from the Army and attended a family poker game one Saturday night with Sammy in attendance.

As he agonized over whether or not to bet on his hand I remarked "Come on Sammy, bet like you got a pair!" Of course I meant "like you got a pair of aces or tens or kings, etc." But once the words left my mouth I realized that it also meant "like you got a pair of balls" and he most certainly didn't have a pair in that sense!

I was mortified, but looking around the table (and much to my relief) no one else seemed to have caught the double entendre.......something I haven't confided to Sammy to this day.

Contributed Anonymously

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