Seminoma on the Brain

After getting the pathology report after my IO (Seminoma, Stage I) but before fully understanding how lucky I was, I became intently interested in what the diagnosis meant and what the future held. I read the TC-Net religiously as well as looking up every reference to seminoma I could find.

Well, one day nervously waiting in a doctor's office I picked up a National Geographic and started paging through it, looking mainly at the photography. I was skimming through an article on desert lifestyles somewhere in Africa, when I felt my antenna go up as I was turning past a fairly nondescript page. I found my heart racing, and so I turned back and scanned the page to try to figure out what had caught my attention. There buried in a lot of verbiage (I ordinarily would never have read) I found the offending text - it was the word "seminomadic".

Amazing how much our brains process without our slightest awareness!

Courtesy of Joel Gordon

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