Gorilla Removal Service

A guy has a pet gorilla, and one day he accidentally leaves the door open and it escapes - quickly climbing the nearest tree and refusing to come down. He looks in the Yellow Pages and sure enough, there's one Gorilla Removal Service in town! He calls them up and 30 minutes later a van pulls up outside his house. A man gets out, assesses the situation and tells the owner he'll have the gorilla down in no time just as soon as he gets out his tools of the trade.

He goes into the back of the van and gets out his equipment: a rope, a chiihuahua, and a shotgun.

"WHAT are you going to do with that?!", the owner asks increduously. "It's really quite simple.", the man replies. "I climb up the tree, grab the gorilla, and throw him to the ground. That Chihuahua, that's a well trained vicious dog. He will go right for the gorilla's crotch as soon as he hits the ground. The gorilla will then instinctively cover his privates with both of his hands - you throw the rope around him, and presto! you have your gorilla back..."

"That's great!", the owner replies, "But what's the shotgun for?" The man looked at him and said "Well sir, sometimes the gorilla throws me down first....that when YOU shoot the dog!"

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