Potency and Stamina

A guy on an airplane is sitting next to a simply gorgeous babe, wearing a very sexy skirt and typing busily on a laptop computer. She's not paying any attention to him or to the stewardess asking her if she would like to eat or drink anything.

The guy comments to her, "Must be something pretty important you're working on"--she says: "Yes, I am doing a very important research paper." The guy has to ask, "Well, what's the research about?" The woman answers: "I am trying to determine which nationality has the most potent testicles, and which has the most stamina."

Taken aback, the guy asks: "And what did you find?"

The lady puts down her work and says : "People from Iran have the strongest balls, and Italians have the most staying power." Then she turns to him and says, "Oh, by the way, I'm Nancy. The guy says: "Nice to meet you, Nancy--my name's Antonio Rasfanjani!"...

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