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VILNIUS, Lithuania -- A 58-year old woman was arrested after the failed attempt to castrate her husband. She did succeed to cut off one of her husband's testicles. Apparently, the woman was under the influence of alcohol. The police searched the house and found the missing testicle on top of a wardrobe with a surgeon's knife next to it.

Man Bites Off Dog's Testicles
Source: LB Press-Telegram

CORNING (01-22) -- A man angry when a stray dog tried to mount his pet German Shepard is accused of cruelty to animals for biting the stray dog's genitals. Raymond Leroy Belew, 25, an iron worker, tried to separate the two dogs. When the black-and-white dog failed to leave, Belew bit off the stray dog's genitals. "Maybe the mutt bit him, maybe it didn't. He had red marks, but no broken skin," said Tehama County sheriff Cmdr. Paul Hosler.

A study published in a 1995 issue of the Journal of Urology estimated that 600,000 men in the U. S. are impotent from injuries to their crotches, about 40% of them from too-vigorous bicycling. [Boston Globe, 10-16-95]

In a medical journal, University of New Hampshire researchers found that one adolescent boy in ten has been kicked in the testicles by another kid, 40% of the time by girls. Boys who wear glasses or have other physical limitations are three times more likely to be kicked and a year after the kicking, one-fourth of the victims still suffered depression from the incident. [USA Today-Journal of the American Medical Association, 12-6- 95]

"If you're not a dog owner, it seems silly," admits Gregg Miller, inventor of Neuticles, which has already been tried out in 817 dogs. The what? Plastic replacement testicles, implanted after a dog is neutered, available in five sizes from Chihuahua ($28) to Great Dane ($32). "With these, the dog looks the same. He feels the same. He doesn't even know he's been neutered," Miller says. [Reuter]

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