Tag Lines

Tag lines, for those of you not "in the know", are (hopefully) humorous little quotes added to the ends of emails...much like a "PS", they add a little zing and insight into the sender, sometimes more than they might wish!

Ex: Best wishes in your success, Richard Johnson

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Loyal member(!) of the RMOS (Rocky Mountain Oyster Society)

2 balls, or not 2 balls? That is the orchiectomy!

Real men only need one...

Is that a lump on your testicle, or are you just happy to see me?

Not crazy, just 1/2 nuts...

No nuts, no guts!

The following is a testicle....1-2-3 (tickle!!) Hahahaha!...this was only a testicle.

It takes ball to have TC...

I'm two thirds the man I used to be.

If you're going to kick me there, you'd better have good aim.

I had TC, now I have a new change purse.

I've only got one, but it's working double time.

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