The TC Top Ten

The Top 10 Things Guys with TC Have to be Thankful For:

#10 - Showing our scars can have ulterior benefits

#9 - Protective radiation "cup" doubles as a decorative soap holder

#8 - One less organ to worry about having to donate

#7 - Discounts on Lance Armstrong autographed "modified" sportswear

#6 - Regular check ups include precautionary prostate checks, too

#5 - Holiday performances of the "Nutcracker" take on whole new meanings

#4 - Ball State University

#3 - Real men only need one, anyway...

#2 - New developments in the golf ball industry guarantee a plethora of available prostheses that not only add yards to your driver but length to your putter

and the #1 thing guys with TC have to be thankful for IS:
Hey, at least you know you can only get it twice...

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