Dan's TC Story

In 1980, I had a left radical orchiectomy, then RPLND at NYU Hospital in New York. I found out about the TC on the first day of my senior year in high school. I was very lucky to find out that I had NO affected nodes at all. Got away with no chemo or radiation.

Since then I have lead a perfectly normal life, sports, career, marriage..until it came time for children. My wife and I knew we would be in for an experience as I know I had retrograde ejaculation up front.

There is an unpleasant procedure called electro-ejaculation where an electric probe in inserted into a man's rectum and it evokes erection, orgasm and ejaculation...in most retrograde cases (but thank goodness for general anesthesia!!). This seems to work for me, got decent samples anyway.

My procedures were done at NY Hospital, Cornell Medical Center in New York; Dr Marc Goldstein (Professor of Urology and Director, Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery) has co-written a book called the "Couples' Guide to Fertility"...it is in Barnes " Noble or Borders bookstores. (Co-Authors are Berger and Fuerst) This has a write-up on the procedure.

It consists of an electrical probe inserted in the rectum and shocks stimulate you to ejaculate, not into your bladder (retrograde), but normally...the book does a better job. General anesthesia is definitely recommended!

My wife and I have gone through 2 tries at IVF where we need to have simultaneous procedures...egg retrieval for her and electro-ejac for me. Have not been successful yet, but we will likely try 1 or 2 more times...then who knows. I have been lucky in the past so we're not ready to quit yet...

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