Greg's TC Story, as told by Julee

God's finger touched him and he slept...

I wish that my story was a happy story but it is not. My story is quite long so I will try to condense it as much as possible. Greg and I were married in 1993 after a 5 year relationship. The marriage fell apart and we divorced in February of 1995. Crazy as it seems we started dating again. In July 1995 Greg was diagnosed with TC. Rather than start chemo immediately he waited about two weeks. He was scared and actually considered running away from the problem.

The first chemo was extremely tough on him and he admitted to thoughts of suicide. I stayed by his side and cheered him through his illness. Our dedication to each other during these tortuous months made us realize how much we really loved each other. We reevaluated our relationship and made plans to remarry.

After the seventh treatment his cancer level was down to 11. The doctor wanted to do one more chemo to get his level between one and ten and then it was off to surgery. We thought we had made it past the storm Unfortunately, the next chemo showed his count at 11,000. The doctor sent us to see a specialist in Indiana. Greg was told his cancer had progressed too far and he was terminal. The Specialist wanted him to take oral chemo to extend his time but Greg refused. He did not tell anyone he was terminally ill, not even me.

Greg made plans for his final days. He bought a gorgeous Isuzu Rodeo, fully loaded, which he gave to his mom and took me on a wonderful week long trip to Cozumel. Upon return of the trip, Greg disappeared - he did not want any of us to watch him die. He had no intentions of returning but God guided him back to us. He was home for two weeks and died two days before my 26th birthday.

He was only 25. I miss him dearly and think about all the what-ifs. I hope that no one else waits for treatment due to fear of the unknown. Julee...

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