Greg's TC story

Hi. I am one of those poor guys where first, second and third line treatments could not cure my TC. I have been through the normal regimens of chemo, multiple RPLNDs and two bone marrow transplants. My latest battle is being waged with a TC investigational drug (gemcitabine), shark cartilage and a mostly vvegetariandiet. I have been getting some amazing results since December. I don't know if it is because of the chemo, the shark Cartilage, the diet or a ccombinationof the three. Frankly, I don't care as long as something is working.

The CAT scan taken on December 30, 1996, the day before my scheduled third RPLND, showed multiple spots in my liver. Needless to say the surgery was cancelled and it was back talking to my oncologist about alternative treatments. They talked to me about a proven drug, gemcitabine, which has had good responses with other types of cancer. However, it is still an investigational drug for TC. They wanted to know if I would like to join the study. Obviously, I said yes as there are no other 'proven' treatments beyond what I have tried.

I have been on the drug and the 'alternative treatments' since early January and have had remarkable results. To make a long story short, my AFP count has plummeted dramatically the last three months. The counts have been:

December - 16,600
January - 5,945
February - 888
March - 68.

The last CAT scan taken in February showed a 90% decrease in the size of the tumors. (I am the only patient in the study that has had this good of a response.)

I honestly believe that the combination of the three above mentioned 'treatments' are responsible for my improving health. The reasons I have tried 'alternative treatments' are because of the books I've read and the success stories in them. Three books that have influenced me the most are Sharks Don't Get Cancer by Dr. Lane, Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin and Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm.

I just wanted to share my latest success. I feel great.

I also think you have a great site dedicated to TC. Much of what you and others talk about hits home. Keep up the good work. I wish everyone good luck in winning their battle with TC.

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