Ken's TC story

The first time I noticed that I had a problem was when I leaned over to change my son's diaper. I was sitting on the couch, changing the diaper on my son, when I got this sharp pain way down there. Of course I was in a lot of pain for the whole night and could not sleep at all.

When something happens, you don't want to happen now. But the next morning we were going to take my son to the doctors office to get his tonsils removed. I planned for two weeks in advance to take the time off from work to be with him, and now this is happening to me! We took him to the doctors and as soon as they put him to sleep, I went to my own doctor to find out what is up.

I would have preferred that my wife drive me since I was doubled over in pain but she had to stay with my son, and I agree with that so off I went to the doctor. I arrived there, and he sent me to a urologist and he thought it was a twisted testis and said I should have the operation to undo the twist.

Since my wife was with my son at home, I called her to let her know what is going on and that I was going to be delayed a bit. I was put under and was only semi-awake when the doctor and my wife came into the room. The doctor didn't even think that I could have TC, so instead of cutting in the groin area, he cut me in the sack area and therefore didn't have a choice but take it out of the sack area.

I knew something was wrong because my wife was sad and the doctor had a "sorry" look to him. Finally , the doctor told me that I had TC. It was a seminoma tumor and they had removed the right testicle. I was very lucky because the tumor had grown too big for the blood to support and at least half of the tumor died and as the result of that, that's why I got that REALLY sharp pain. I feel really blessed that it wasn't any worse .

The first thing I thought of was that my mom died of cancer and now I have it. I thought at 33 years old I would not see my wife or my kids for much longer. After hearing the news that day, I was in and out of it for the rest of the day. The next day, a nurse came in and saw the scared look on my face.

She told me a story about her brother-in-law that had the same thing and after 12 years he is doing fine. In fact with all the chemo, he had another kid. This story really boosted up my belief that I would be OK. About a week later (a long week) all the CT scans, blood tests and any other test came up negative.

I got my results back after the first radiation treatments--blood tests and everything came up negative! For the first two days of radiation, I was fine but for about the next five or six days, I was sick as a dog. Whatever I ate, came back up in a couple of hours.

Then my wife told me that when she had a upset stomach, she would eat some crackers. I tried that along with eating smaller meals did the trick. I still didn't feel well but I wasn't throwing up either. It wasn't until the last week that everything caught up to me. Sick, throwing up, everything was going wrong. I was glad it was the last week.

All the time I was doing the radiation thing, I felt tired, and felt like not doing much. After 15 radiation blasts, I was on my way to the healing and getting back my life. I hope to get a lot more test results like this for a long time to come...

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