Norm's (almost) TC Story

My story is similar to that of Tim's in that I do not have TC, but for about 4 long, long years I thought maybe I did.

My story starts about 4 years ago when I notice an irregularity in my left testicle. Since it did not hurt, I thought nothing of it. I did, however, continue to check it on a weekly basis. Nothing changed. For 4 years it never got any bigger, any smaller, and the texture never changed.

About 2 weeks ago I started to work out for the first time in about 6 months and obviously the day after I was very sore especially in the groin area. This was on a Monday and I again worked out on Tuesday and still very sore the next day. On Wednesday, I was cruising the internet and came across the TCRC Web Page. Being sort of paranoid about TC to begin with, I started to read all the stories. Well one thing led to another and my paranoia escalated. Now I was sure I had cancer.

Later that night I went to the bookstore and started to look at medical books. I was reading the Mayo Clinic encyclopedia, a very good book. I went to the section where they discussed the testicles. They had some very good pictures on what and how the testicles should feel. One picture should what "spermatocele" would look and feel like. I was a little relieved because my left testicle felt exactly like what the picture looked like. It felt a little like a figure 8 in that it felt like I had a "third" testicle.

I did make an appoint with my GP for that Friday. I told him of what I thought I had and he said, "I agree with you 1000%". I will never forget that statement because at that time I was more relieved than anyone in the world. He did say that is was standard procedure to be referred to a urologist since he would be more of an expert on this. Even though that made feel a little uneasy, I was confident that I would be okay. So I made an appointment with a urologist for that Monday.

After the examination, my urologist said that my GP was a good man and that I did not have TC. He mentioned that if he was concerned about TC, he would have felt a mass within the testicle, not on the outside the testicle in which that was my case. He didn't even feel like an ultrasound would be necessary. He did diagnose me with "spermatocele" and said that usually course of treatment was to do nothing unless it really started to be painful, then they would have to take it out.

Now, finally, I could put all this worrying behind me. Looking back, I should have had this looked at years ago, but being embarrassed really put my like on hold for 4 years.

What I would like to say to anyone who even remotely thinks he has TC, or even feels the slightest irregularity, he needs to get it check out immediately. If it is TC, chances of survival are outstanding. If it is not, then the relief is unbelievable. Had it not been for your excellent Web Page, I would still be wondering. Thank God for the internet and your Web Page. You just save me from years and years of worrying which ultimately effected my life. Thanks again.

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