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Hormone Replacement Info

This is the place to look for current information regarding available hormone replacement treatments. We try to keep abreast of changes, and will post news here and in the TC-NET newsgroup when we have new things to report.

However, we wish to stress that if you think you need HRT, you should see an Endocrinologist or Andrologist. They are the experts in hormones and are best placed to offer the correct lab tests, treatment options and dosages.


There is a new option which has been tried by a few of our members. I stress this is from just a few people.

Testosterone Creams

First and foremost is the advent of a new gel supplement. The FDA has recently granted the makers of Androgel permission to distribute the drug in the United States. It is available now, so if you want to see what it is like, now is the time to get it prescribed. We have had some very favorable reports about it. Indeed the only negative report so far was from someone who lost hair in patches on his legs. This problem has since subsided.

One person wrote that, "Androgel is pretty easy to use. Just rub it on dry skin after you shower. Make sure you start with the 5gram size, the 2.5gram is not enough at all. It absorbs over several hours, and you will wake up with Mr. happy every morning. That had not happened to me for 3 years! I finally realized how much different I felt on the testo! The biggest advantage to Androgel, is the even dosing, no more feeling run down at the end of the week, same levels every day."

A word of caution, this drug is not the "natural" supplement from Soya.

Another option is to have a Soya based cream made up by a compounding pharmacist. Getting a prescription from your Doctor for this is likely to be tricky. The substance used in the cream is a Soya extract and is therefore considered to be a "natural" replacement. If you do get to the point of having the cream made up, make sure the pharmacist is using the PLO method of delivery as this will ensure direct transfer through the skin into the bloodstream. Dosage is the tricky thing, as always.

The one person who did try it has now reverted to Androgel. He found too much variation in cost and delivery methods.

A second word of caution, "natural" does not imply better or safer...


Now lets get this straight. There are those who can get Sustanon 250 and those who cannot. North Americans are unable to get Sustanon 250 prescribed. For the remainder of the world, Sustanon 250 does a very good job of providing hormone replacement over a three week injection cycle. Of course, Sustanon 250 isn't the only drug available in the rest of the world. Most of those available in North America can be found world wide as well, though the names may not be the same.

The life span of available injectables in North America is two weeks. Both Depo-Testosterone and Delatestryl have that life span. Therefore a twelve day interval between injections is said to be optimum. It tends to be that doctors will initially prescribe Depo-Testosterone, however, experience of running this web site and being in contact with many who inject, shows us that Delatestryl is better suited to our needs.


Implants are available in the USA. However, it is rare to find any doctors willing to use them. The procedure involves the implantation of three pellets into the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen or buttocks every three months or so. Most doctors do not want to deal with it as there are other, easier options available. We do have a couple of members who are using implants.


Testoderm continues to be available in two forms: a scrotal and a non-scrotal patch. The scrotal patch goes on the scrotum, obviously, and it requires you to shave the scrotal skin, whereas the non-scrotal clear patch can be applied to the arm, back or buttocks. Testoderm patches are said to be less problematic in terms of skin irritation than some other patches.

Androderm patches, made by Watson Pharmaceuticals, have had some availability issues in the past. However, this all seems to have been resolved and Androderm is once again freely available. Androderm's adhesive has been known to cause skin problems.


The only pill available which does not directly attack the liver is Andriol. The remainder dissolve in the liver with potentially disastrous consequences.

Go to the hormone links page for information on specific drugs.

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