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Bob working the CNN News Desk

TCRC's Interview with Bob Losure

Dec 17, 1997
by Chris Brewer

A familiar face to millions of faithful CNN viewers, Bob Losure was diagnosed with embryonal carcinoma in April of 1985. He had an RPLND, but the cancer came back and he underwent three cycles of chemotherapy. We caught up with Bob at his home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spoke candidly about his TC experience and it?s impact on his life?

TCRC: Is there anything right off the bat that you like to talk about when you are asked about cancer?

TCRC: Did you know anything about testicular cancer prior to your getting sick?

TCRC: When exactly were you diagnosed, and what was the specific diagnosis?

TCRC: I've heard it said that Oncology is an "art" as well as a "science"?

TCRC: How did you go about telling people that you were sick, being in the public eye as you were?

TCRC: How did you find people reacted when you told them you had testicular cancer?

TCRC: How did you feel about having the RPLND?

TCRC: Do you now look back on having TC as a positive or a negative experience?

TCRC: You almost hear that bullet whiz by your head?

TCRC: What are you doing these days? I know you do a lot of speaking in the cancer arena?

TCRC: Since you were in the news media for so long, what part do you see the news media play? More of a positive force, or a "cure du jour"??

TCRC: A lot of the stigmas are gone, too -- you couldn't say the word "testicle" on the news 15 years ago.

TCRC: In retrospect, what would you like to tell men about TC?

TCRC: Do you think TC awareness/education is something that should be taught in high schools and colleges?

If you would like to contact Bob Losure, you can email him at, or visit his Web site HERE.

To read all about his life, cancer, and Headline News, pick up his book,
Five Seconds to Air : Broadcast Journalism Behind the Scenes.

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