Testicular Cancer: The most common cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 35.
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General information and support:

The Self Exam - Do it once a month, for life...
The TC Primer - What you NEED to know!
TC-NET - Our email support group for YOU
The Testicle - What do you really know about it?
TCRC Dictionary - Common Testicular Cancer terms explained
Questions to Ask - Be prepared for your visit to the doctor
TC Links & Articles - A virtual library of Testicular Cancer Info
Search the TCRC - Search our site!

Specific Testing & Treatment Information:

The Orchiectomy - Detailed information about what to expect
The Pathology Report - What did they find?
Staging - How far has it spread? How can they tell?
Surveillance - Observation is a legitimate treatment option!
RPLND - The Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection
Radiation Therapy - What they do and how it works
Chemotherapy - Some call it weed killer, others call it a life saver
After Treatment - What to do once they're done treating you...

Testicular Cancer Research Opportunities:

The TCRC is helping a number of researchers investigating the influence of genetics on testicular cancer. They are looking for the following:

  • Families where more than one member of the family has had testicular cancer OR
  • Families where one person in the family has had testicular cancer and another person in the family was born with an undescended testicle OR
  • Anyone who has had bilateral testicular cancer. In other words, testicular cancer in both testicles, not necessarily at the same time.

If you or your family are eligible for this study, please click HERE and send me a brief explanation of the details. I will pass this information on to the researchers, and they will contact you with a complete explanation of the study.

Testicular Cancer Support and Advice:

Personal Stories --- You or someone you know has been diagnosed and you want to know what the treatment is going to be like. More than 80 people have been kind enough to describe their experiences here...

Individual Email Support --- Privately email someone who knows what you are going through...

TC Experts List --- A list of international Testicular Cancer experts that your doctor can call for advice...

Expert Q & A --- We asked two experts, Dr Craig Nichols and Dr Richard Foster, many questions about testicular cancer and its treatment.

TC Helpful Hints --- Advice from people who have been there, lost that

TC Books --- Getting sick of surfing? There are some excellent books related to testicular cancer available...

TC2 --- Unfortunately, some people get TC twice...

EGC --- Information on Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors

TC and sex --- Will your hydraulics still work?

The TC Supporter's Page --- Support for those who help take care of us.

Fertility 101 --- Baby making issues in plain speak.

Testicular Implants --- If you can't live without a matched set...

The Testosterone Check --- Get tested before you get treated!

The Humorous Side of TC --- There's something funny about all this? There sure is...check it out!

The Co$t of TC --- You want how much to cut off my what?!

Cancer AGAIN?! --- Our comments on the report linking testicular cancer treatments to secondary cancers...

Faith and Spirituality --- Not carrying the load alone...

Alternative Treatments? --- When all else fails?

NOTE: The information contained herein is NOT a substitute for professional medical attention!

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