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No, I am not going to open your mouth and ram religion down your throat here, so just relax...what I am going to talk about is my personal opinions regarding the importance of faith and spirituality and it's role in the healing process of TC.

I have never been more alone than I was during my battle with, those who know me with a wife, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and the support of my many coworkers, friends, etc., might wonder where I find time to be alone(!)...well, try 3:00 am as the post op pain from an RPLND wakes you from an hour's sleep, cruising down some deserted hospital hallway as I "walk my pet IV" around, or during the commercial of yet another TV show being watched to pass the time. I found I started to question a lot about myself--yes, the dreaded deep thoughts! Why am I here?, Will I see my grandkids?, Have I left a good enough example for my children? Why ME?!--you get the picture.

I have been a "hot and cold" Christian for most of my adult life. I have had times of great joy and involvement in my spiritual life, and other times of total degradation that I am neither proud of nor do I deny. Now here I was, facing the toughest personal battle of my life, and where did I take my hypocritical self straight to? Yep, back to God, tail between my legs, looking for help, searching for answers...but this was not a singular effort -- I found people, too many to count, starting with my mother, praying for me, despite not being asked to do anything!

As I said, my initial reaction to this new found spirituality was one of personal guilt: here I was, stuck again, asking for help. As I examined my situation more carefully, though, I remembered that what I believe in is not a guilty situation--it's one of love and caring, warts and all. If one of my kids strayed away, and came back sincerely looking for forgiveness and help, I couldn't turn him or her away. Rather, I'd welcome them back into the family as a long, lost-but-now-found child (I am really trying not to paraphrase "Joseph and the coat of many colors", but failing miserably--grin).

I also found that I had to open myself up to the love and caring that was being thrown my way, from heaven as well as here on earth. Being a very self-supportive type, it was an actual struggle to accept help when offered and prayers when said--but I got over it! There were times I just could not sit up in bed without a nurse's helping hand, or blow through that confounded breathing device unless the doc came by and exhorted me on. There were also times of abject fear for my life where my times alone with God convinced me I was going to be OK, and that I needed to get off my duff and make a difference as well as be a patient. Am I saying TCRC is "heaven sent"? That would probably be overstating things a bit, but there is some definite spirituality involved that keeps me going and this expanding.

What's your point, Chris?

OK, I've rambled enough--here's a bottom line: I have found my personal savior in Jesus Christ and He has been along side me throughout my entire life, and especially through this battle, now near won. Sure, the fight with TC, or any disease, can sometimes be won alone, but I think you will find much more comfort and strength if you look for some spiritual assistance, whatever your choice. You are literally fighting for your life, and can use all the allies you can find--TC changes your life forever, why not make a positive change, too?

Best of luck and may God bless us all!

Cheers, Chris...
(TCRC Founder)

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