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The Testicular Cancer Resource Center is a charitable organization devoted to helping people understand testicular and extragonadal germ cell tumors. Specifically, we provide accurate and timely information about these tumors and their treatment to anyone and everyone interested. We have information for patients, caregivers, family, friends, and physicians. We believe that our information and links are of the highest quality, and we are blessed with the support of some of the finest doctors in the field.

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Please Support the TCRC!

The TCRC appreciates your support! Your donation of money, time, expertise or experience helps to make the TCRC the best place to find information on testicular cancer and related diseases. The better we are, the easier it is for new patients, caregivers and friends to make the best decisions and get the best treatments.

The TCRC needs money to pay for software, computer and office equipment, medical books and journals, medical conferences, internet access, etc. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization, the Testicular Cancer Resource Center gratefully accepts donations in support of our activites. All such donations generate a tax deduction on the donor's federal income tax return. Since the TCRC is not providing you with any goods or services, in whole or in part, for this contribution, the tax deduction generated is equal to the amount of money contributed.

If you are interested in making a donation to the TCRC, you can donate by sending us a check or using a credit card and your computer. For a look at the financial status of the TCRC, please take a look at the information we have filed with Guidestar.

  • To donate by check, please send a check made out to The Testicular Cancer Resource Center to:

    The Testicular Cancer Resource Center
    c/o Douglas Bank
    1385 Kenilwood Lane
    Riverwoods, IL 60015

  • To donate by credit card from within the United States, please use the donation processing services provided by 100% of your contribution is tax deductable, however, credit card or PayPal donations via are subject to a 4.75% processing charge. (I prefer this method because they make it more convenient for the non-profit to receive the funds. In the past, they were unable to process credit card donations from people outside of the USA or Canada. If this has changed, please let me know.)

The TCRC is also in need of volunteers. Specifically, we could use the assistance of an experienced copywriter and software experts familiar with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS and professional web design techniques. We are also looking for people with experience in graphic design, medical illustration, medical insurance and indigent assistance. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please send me an email.

As always, we are also interested in your story. Most of the people coming to this site looking for information are also looking for something more tangible. The personal stories section satisfies that need and gives people a place to look for what it is really like to go through a particular treatment, either as a patient or as a caregiver. If you can send us your story, please do.

The TCRC strongly believes that anyone interested in supporting any non-profit ought to do their homework. One way to do that is to make sure that the organization is a real non-profit - registered with the IRS, filing properly, and with a valid federal ID number. You can verify our non-profit status by searching for the "Testicular Cancer Resource Center" in either the IRS or Guidestar databases.

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