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When the TCRC was created way back in 1996, it was a challenge to search the internet and find information about anything, let alone testicular cancer. Back then, Google was a noun, not a verb! It made a lot of sense to spend our time searching and publishing relevant information and links here. Since then, the internet has exploded. In 2018 a search of "testicular cancer" gets over 345,000 hits on Google. At the same time, many of the sites that used to have interesting testicular cancer information have disappeared, reorganized or their information has become outdated. Maintaining a collection of relevant links is a time consuming and difficult exercise, made less important because it is so easy to search the internet yourself to find a relevant answer to whatever question you might have.

Nevertheless, not everything on the internet, particularly medical information, is completely accurate or trustworthy... As a result, the TCRC will continue to maintain a curated list of links to information that we think is useful and accurate to someone investigating this disease.

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