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General Medical Information Sites

  • MEDLINEplus - Information on conditions, diseases and wellness, plus a medical encyclopedia and dictionary, drug information, locations and credentials of doctors, dentists and hospitals, plus many links. From the US National Library of Medicine.
  • Johns Hopkins' InteliHealth - A good general medical information site including news, disease information and a medical dictionary.
  • - An extensive source of medical information
  • MedicineNet - A good general medical information site including news, disease information, medical procedure descriptions and a medical dictionary.
  • - A two tiered medical information site with a consumer side offering news, disease information, a medical dictionary and a search engine and a professional side offering news, journal access, and a good medical search engine.
  • Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - Reliable medical information on almost every topic imaginable. Aimed at the physician, so the information can be terse and hard to decipher.

Pharmaceutical Information

  • RxMed - Drug monographs for all medications, travel immunization info and patient handouts on many illnesses.
  • The FDA - The US Food and Drug Administration

Medline Access - Medline is a huge database of medical journal abstracts from all over the world. If you want to find articles on a specific topic, the information found on Medline will be more reliable and/or specific than what you might find surfing the internet.

Doing Medical Research on the Internet - These sites all provide some assistance in finding and evaluating quality medical information on the net.

Miscellaneous Medical Links

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