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When the TCRC was created, it was difficult to find good information on testicular cancer, let alone find helpful medical articles. It was useful to create a listing here of relevant articles by subject. Nowadays, though, it is easy to find more articles than one could possibly absorb. As a result, this section has been reduced in size.

These links are aimed at doctors or medical students. There is no reason that patients could not benefit from these links, but they ARE harder to read. Please note that more physician oriented links can be found in the sections on Physician Oriented Links, Case Studies, Tumor Markers, Extragonadal Germ Cell Tumors, Images, and Urology. Please note that registration is required to access some of these articles.

Articles are available on the following subjects:

General / Review Oncology Urology
Survivorship Radiation Oncology Pediatrics
Pathology Radiology Epidemiology
Endocrinology Fertility/Andrology Non-Germ Cell Tumors

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