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  • Testicular Cancer Resource Center - The TCRC's extensive archive of Personal Stories
  • The Making of a Eunuch - Our editor, Nick O'hara Smith, has been through quite a lot. If you've got the time, his story definitely will keep you interested.
  • Testicular Cancer Information from Mark Kantrowitz. A very extensive and informative source of information. His Chronology is particularly interesting.
  • Testicular Cancer - My Story - Fred Furia's in depth look at his experience with cancer.
  • The Real Story - Tom Willner's detailed story of his cancer, treatment, and recurrence complete with pictures! Very nicely done!
  • - Phil Morris' clever and irreverent TC awareness site, complete with a few good stories. Phil's site hosts many other stories as well, so when you are done with his story, check the pull down menu for a bunch of other stories!
  • My Bout with Testicular Cancer - Jacob Spradlin's personal experience with testicular cancer.
  • -'s personal stories section.

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