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These links deal with Survivorship issues - In other words, life after cancer.

Survivorship Resources

  • - A general resource for cancer survivors. This site, sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation, provides information on practical, physical and emotional issues, as well as survivorship stories and useful tools and templates.
  • The Cancer Survivors Project - A community of long-term cancer survivors and their friends working together to improve the lives of children and adults after cancer. This site has a strong emphasis on understanding and dealing with the late side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Office of Cancer Survivorship - Cancer Survivorship Research portal at the National Cancer Institute. While this site is primarily aimed at researchers, there is information here on late effects and other related issues.
  • Childhood Cancer Survivorship: Improving Care and Quality of Life - An online version of a complete book on the topic. Not easy to navigate, but useful information.
  • Cancer Survivorship - The Center for Disease Control's Cancer Survivorsip site. The CDC is working with the Lance Armstrong Foundation to create an action plan for the future that should help all cancer survivors.
  • Life After Cancer Treatment - Part of the National Cancer Institute's Facing Forward series.
  • Living Beyond Cancer: Finding a New Balance - The 2003-4 Annual Report from the President's Cancer Panel concentrates on Survivorship issues. The report is available as a PDF file or video. Both require a fast internet connection.

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