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Testicular Cancer is rarely a solo effort, impacting thousands of wives, partners, family members, and friends. There are issues that these important people have to face as well as the patient, but little is done to address these needs. This area of the TCRC is dedicated to providing you with the information you need and the support you require. It is a dynamic site - not by design, but by nature - as it will "live and grow" with your input. Please feel to contact me or any of the supporters listed here with your thoughts, concerns, articles, links - whatever! - and on behalf of all of us who have been on the receiving end of the scalpel - thanks for your support!

Email Support Group:

TC-SUPPORTERS is our email support group for you, the supporter and caregiver! This list is slower and less fact and medicine based than our main email list, but it serves just as important a purpose. Please join and introduce yourself!

There are two basic ways to subscribe to TC-SUPPORTERS:

The recommend method for joining the list it to use the web interface. This interface is simple to use and makes it much easier to configure the list the way you want it.

You will get a welcome message from TC-SUPPORTERS soon after, confirming your subscription and telling you about using an email service. Unless you already have an ACOR password, you will have to reply to the confirmation in order to complete the subscription process.

Please note that you can also use this web interface to change your options or leave the list. However, in order to do this, you will need to remember exactly what email address you entered when you signed on to the list.

If the web interface is unavailable, you can join the list the old fashioned way. Send an email to:

The default is to get email from TC-SUPPORTERS throughout the day, but if you would like to get the mail in digest form (in other words, only once a day), once you have subscribed send the following email message:

Helpful Hints

Here is a great opportunity to share what you have learned with those who are going through it now - please send any ideas you have our way!

Stories of Support: - located in our Personal Stories area: HERE!

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