TC Supporters

Jennifer provides us a detailed look into the trials and tribulations of a TC supporter.

Dance For the Cure
Nella and Joe were happy, married and young. Now Nella hosts an annual dance in Toronto to raise money for TC.

Sharon and Steve
Sharon gives us a detailed look at the process.

Pattie experienced cancer and chemo as a newleywed... and then again 6 years later.

Gina had just quit working to become a full time mom when her world turned upside down and she became a full time caregiver.

Pam's husband decided he was finished with treatment 5 weeks early, and she had to deal with his recurrence a year later.
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Kay's husband had to deal with all sorts of complications during his treatment, and to make it worse, Kay was laid off too!

Karen and Mike were trying to conceive a baby when they discovered a complication...

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