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A special section of the TCRC dedicated to guys who have lost both testicles.

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So what is it like to have no testicles?

Actually, it's not so bad. A guy can still "do it" and actually ejaculate as before, provided his hormone replacement is ok. Sure we have nothing swinging around, but we remain complete men, once we get used to the new us.

Everyone who helps here knows what it is like to be suddenly confronted with becoming a eunuch. The trials and tribulations of obtaining the correct Testicular Cancer treatment are exacerbated by the uncertainty of no Testosterone. Life takes on a different form.

We are discovering more all the time. It seems we should not consider Testosterone as an issue all its own, but look at the rest of the delicate hormone/chemical system in the body as well.

Have a look and see how our friends adapt to being "different". Look here for support, symptoms, definitions and treatment options. Click on the links to discover more.

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