Extragonadal Germ Cell Cancer (EGC)

Check out 2 1/2 years of the extreme's of TC treatment. I am very happy to report that Dinesh is out of the woods, but he had a LONG walk to get there via the English hospital system. This is a very good success story!

Mark fought valiantly against a stubborn case of EGC. Step inside to see what it's like to battle an unbeatable beast.

Matt had his carefree college years temporarily interrupted by a mediastinal nonseminoma.

Mike ignored his cough for 3 months, only to discover it was caused by a mediastinal nonseminoma!
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Rick's vivid email journal demonstrates the benefits of a second opinion.
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Frank has been through the mill too, but note the positive spin.

Tag Garrett
Your editor does not shed a tear often, but in Tag's case, he did. Rest in Peace Tag.

Dean was diagnosed with a mediastinal nonseminoma and an AFP of 137,000! Nevertheless, he tried to maintain a positive attitude.

Matthew's bout with Choriocarcinoma at age 19 is retold by his sister Caroline...

Peter was fit and healthy with a little chest pain. He never figured it would be cancer!

Leslie tells how even the bladder can be the location for TC to originate.

Hugh's cancer started with sore nipples, and while his boss told him that his cough was just a cold, he is lucky to be alive!
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An extremely complex TC case, Bob shares the details and manages to keep a strong outlook.

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