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Nick was blindsided with seminoma on both sides at the same time!

A recurrence of nonseminoma as told by his wife...

Chris had two seminomas, two years apart.

Jim T
His "BIG CHILL" returns nine years later - Non seminoma first time, seminoma second time.

Read about his double whammy - Non-seminoma & RPLND the first time. Seminoma & Radiation the second time.

One definitely cancerous - the second? What to do?

wants to help

They removed his right testicle as a child. Unfortunately, his left one became cancerous as an adult.

Steve went through chemo and an RPLND only to find another lump 6 years later...

As if losing a testicle were not enough, Asher finds himself with retrograde ejacualation after his RPLND. He then loses his second testicle and sustains a nasty reaction to Androgel.

Rich S.
Rich endured an RPLND, then found he needed another testicle removed. Non-seminoma first time, Seminoma the second. Quite a battle!

Sometimes, Testicular cancer reveals a non-cancerous problem with the other one and it too is removed. Such is the case with Martin. He has written, not about Cancer, but about his prosthetic. A good read for anyone considering such a device.

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