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"Alternative" Treatments for Testicular Cancer

I must be very up front here: I am very hesitant to publish this section because conventional TC treatments (surgery / radiation / chemo) are SO much so, in fact, that I have read very little about alternative therapies for testicular cancer patients. However, I also realize that there are situations where you might be at the end of your proverbial rope and are looking for answers--and that's why I decided to see where I can help...

I think a little sound advice here is a good way to start off:

Alternative Cancer Links

I have done some surfing around, and here's some of what I found. *** NOTE: Inclusion of these links does NOT indicate TCRC endorsement--they are provided as information only to help you in your quest for further knowledge!!!

Steve Dunn's Alternative Treatment Page
From the informative CancerGuide Web Site

Cancer & Natural Medicine
Book on Alternative Medicines plus some links

Greg's Story
A personal account of someone going through TC and needing nontraditional help

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