Frank had a very bad week, but approached his cancer with a very straightforward attitude.

Nick had his holidays and medical school interrupted by cancer.

Jerry had a large tumor in his belly and spent the Holidays getting chemo.
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Jacques' cancer went from a misdiagnosis to a large tumor in his belly in a matter of months.

Guy remembered to do his self exams and saved himself a lot of trouble.

The doctor was treating back pain until a blood test revealed kidney failure. What caused the failure?

Steve's doctors didn't think he had cancer, nor did they think he needed to bank sperm. They were wrong.

Bill is a 25 year survivor of seminoma. Check out how they treated this disease back in the 70's.

An avid cyclist, Fred suffered testicular injuries, and as a result, discovered his cancer.

Reed talks about his experiences with surveillance and an eventual recurrence.
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Ken is a mid 30s father of two who has been there and done that...

Larry's story accentuates the need for proper follow up after your initial treatments... Larry's story tells how this 30 year old, father of two, got out of the woods, then back in via reoccurrence.

Ari discusses his decision regarding surveillance vs. radiation treatment. What happened next?
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Todd delayed for 6 months before finally seeing a doctor!

Bill O
Bill shows that TC isn't always confined to 15-35 year olds... very active at age 48, Bill's life took an unexpected turn.

Ignoring TC does not make it go away, as Vic soon found out... his story details its discovery and his experience with 4 cycles of chemo.

Seminoma = Radiation, right? Not always... Brad's had spread and chemo was his answer
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Bob K
We often hear that Seminomas are "no-brainer guaranteed first time cure" tumors--and for the most part, they are... now read what happens when it comes back.

David K
Seminoma tumors are often considered the "easy" cancer... Now step inside the world of a very large Stage IIc Seminoma, Scotland style.

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Captain Jeff
Penny, Jeff's mother, recounts the contributing events of his life leading up to his TC diagnosis and treatment.

Seminoma, Holland style...

Ben's story talks about the ups and downs of testicular cancer.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll and testicular cancer!

Steve R
A very detailed walk through seminoma, the radiation process, and a long bout with what he deems "vomitfest"!.

At 45, George paints a good picture of what Seminoma treatment is like.

Dr Arlen Smith had cancer, but it did not affect his sense of humor.

A prior TC family tragedy saves Scott's life.

Richard tells why he chose surveillance.

Shawn appreciated all the stories and returns the favor.

Andrew shares a retrospective view and adds a voice of optimism.

Andrew's testicle actually got smaller. Fortunately, he saw the doctor and was quickly diagnosed.
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Greg K
Greg tells a story of multiple recurrences, but with a happy ending.

Mark F
Lance Armstrong's Seventh Tour victory prompted Mark to check himself out. Guess what he found?

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