Doug Bank
TCRC President

Being in charge, I guess I can go first. I managed to turn my testicular cancer experience into a boring graduate school paper... Read this if you are considering surveillance!
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Our founder describes his in-depth story, covering the surgical and chemo side of TC treatment...

TC also affects family, friends, and acquaintances. Mike's wife has written a wonderful article discussing his TC experience and the lessons they learned.

Here's a story of how testicular cancer impacts someone already in the medical field.
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Jim spent a lot of time investigating his treatment options, ultimately choosing surveillance.

J. D.
This is one of those stories that is the EXACT reason why this site exists. If you are young and bullet proof, J.D.'s story is going to wake you up... If you are wondering whether to see the doctor, read this story!

Roger lived with testicular cancer for 18 years, experiencing multiple late recurrences. In the end, the cancer was too much...

At 31, Elliot discusses his bout with the nonseminoma and the decisions that go along with it.

Most of us know that TC strikes young men. Well, Rudy had TC as a baby. Here he takes us through his life after TC...

Bruno caught his cancer early, but not early enough to avoid it spreading.

Third time's usually the charm... let's hope so for Keith as he gets not one, not two, but three recurrences from his original TC diagnosis.

A wife's tribute to her husband, lost to choriocarcinoma in the early 90s.

Chris Ingham
Chris gives us a very detailed account of his nonseminoma diagnosis, RPLND, and chemotherapy... plus some added "surprises".
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His urologists had been treating him for a year and made him feel like a hypochondriac! Boy were they wrong!

An RPLND leaves Dan with some tough fertility decisions...

TC, Israeli style. Offer had a rough 2 years of surgeries and chemo.

John S
John describes why it is so important to adhere to your surveillance schedule.

A Norwegian spin on TC, and a shining example of what can happen if you don't get things checked out!

Half way through his detailed treatments, Ralph provides some good insight into TC.
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Julee shares the darker side of TC, when you have tried everything...

Stage III TC takes Patrick through conventional and unconventional treatments.

TC hit Laurence while his wife was dying of cancer...

Frank's brush with testicular cancer helps to define his priorities.

Tom the reporter
Tom got inspiration from a famous source and wasn't disappointed. Tom tells all about his encounter with Scott Hamilton.

Perhaps the second opinion wasn't helpful this time.

Curtis' case demonstrates the pitfalls of misdiagnosis and not getting the best advice from the start. Learn all about false negatives here...

John found the TCRC and TC-NET just after his diagnosis and writes how it helped him make good decisions.

Rob was diagnosed in the late 70's when the RPLND and retrograde ejaculation were par for the course.

Greg tries to decide... is surveillance the route to go?

John's cancer struck while he was in business school, and he had to struggle with misbehaving tumor markers...

Cancer brings some fear and some changes...

"Like father like son" - usually a good thing, but not in this case.

Erik's baseball game turned into a full fledged battle for his health. He describes how a second opinion saved him...

A very little lump caused a whole lot of damage!

Peter had some Christmas present in 1979, with a whole year of chemo to boot!

Shooting pains in the groin led to an RPLND and a prosthetic.

Former army man James describes his Non-Seminoma and a real scare some time later...

Andy was misdiagnosed and ignored by the UK National Health Service for almost a year before discovering his advanced cancer.

Bruce K
Bruce went through chemo and thought he was done, but a year later he had to have an RPLND to remove growing teratoma.

Daniel put of seeing the doctor for months, possibly allowing the cancer to spread. But there is a happy ending!
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JK was in Las Vegas on a business trip. Some trip it turned out to be.

Eric ignored his lump for a while, long enough for it to spread.

Mike decided he was done with treatment after only one week of chemo. Bad idea...

Chris had more problems than usual with his surgery and chemo.

Bruce M
Bruce did extensive research prior to his treatments... here are his thoughts about the RPLND and about TC in general...

Mark, a firefighter from Belfast, gives a very animated and honest report on TC, his chemo, and their effects.

Mike J
Mike got a late Christmas "present", but shows how his faith can turn a big negative into a huge positive.

Tyler was almost too embarassed to tell his doctor, but wised up just in time.

Dan C
Dan was working abroad when he discovered his lump...

Eric T
Eric found a lump and knew it was going to be bad news...


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