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Because of the often personal nature of Testicular Cancer, some folks prefer to get some one-on-one advice rather than broadcast their situation to the whole world. To help out in this, we have compiled a list people who are willing to provide confidential TC related support... many thanks to all who participate in this valuable manner of support! And if you would like to join in this effort, please send me a note.

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Caregiver Support

Michelle - Tennessee
TC Wife. Michelle's husband was diagnosed at 39 (Jan 98) with 50% embryonal cell carcinoma and 50% seminoma, hold the teratoma please! Orchiectomy and 3 rounds of the BEP cocktail "just for fun". Lots of side effects all around but now 4+ years clean! Hooray! "For better or worse" -- there is nothing quite like being a caregiver through TC.
Deb - USA
TC Mom. Deb's son Kevin diagnosed at age 20 (Jul 97) with Stage III Nonseminoma. He was treated with chemo. The cancer recurred in his lungs. The recurrence was treated at IU with high dose chemo, 2 stem cell transplants, a gene therapy study, and oral chemo! The cancer has been in remission even since!!!
Linda - Springfield, IL
TC Mom. Linda's son went to the ER for back pain and was misdiagnosed as having hard stools. One week later he was finally diagnosed at age 16 (May 00) with Stage III Nonseminoma. He was treated with chemo and numerous surgeries. He's doing well at present.
Vickie - Tennessee
TC Wife - Vickie's husband Joe was diagnosed at 35 (Jan 95) with Stage I Seminoma. He was treated with 24 little treatments of radiation because it made him so sick. He has used supplemental testosterone since 1997 (He's tried them all, but now uses Androgel). He is 6'4 and was a big guy when this whole thing started but in May 00 he had roux en Y gastric bypass surgery (not laproscopic due to the IO) and has lost 160 pounds!
Megan - Norwich, Connecticut
TC Mom. Megan's son Sean diagnosed at age 17 (Jul 97) with Stage III Non-Seminoma. He was successfully treated with chemo, high dose chemo, stem cell transplant, and RPLND.
Liz - Southern Virginia
TC Wife. Liz's husband was diagnosed at age 37 (Aug 98) with Stage I Seminoma. He was treated with radiation.
JoAnn - Iowa
TC Wife. Joanne's husband was diagnosed at age 30 (Jan 99) with Stage III Nonseminoma. He was treated with four rounds of BECIP. At the time of diagnosis, his HCG was 933,000 and he had mets to his liver, lungs, and spleen. After round four, we opted for survillence. He has needed no additional treatment and his HCG has remained normal.
Debbie - UK
TC Wife. Debbie's husband was diagnosed at age 50 (Apr 98) with Stage I Seminoma. He was treated with surveillance.
Gina - Eaton, Pennsylvania
TC Wife. Gina's husband Kurt was diagnosed at age 33 (Apr 98) with Stage I Nonseminoma. He had a clean RPLND, but it still came back in his lungs and did not want to go away. He had 4 cycles of BEP and 3 cycles of High Dose chemo with a stem cell transplant!

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