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Because of the often personal nature of Testicular Cancer, some folks prefer to get some one-on-one advice rather than broadcast their situation to the whole world. To help out in this, we have compiled a list people who are willing to provide confidential TC related support... many thanks to all who participate in this valuable manner of support! And if you would like to join in this effort, please send me a note.

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Extragonadal Support

Rick - USA - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 42 (Mar 98) with a Primary Retroperitoneal Seminoma. Treated with Chemotherapy.
Mike - Philadelphia, PA - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 28 (Apr 00) with a Primary Mediastinal Nonseminoma the size of a grapefruit. He was treated with 4xBEP, surgery, and an additional 2 cycles of EP. He is now cancer free! You don't know what its like until you go through it yourself. It helps to find someone who has what you have.
Peter & Mandy - UK - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 32 (Apr 96) with a mediastinal seminoma. We are both more than happy to correspondwith others in similar circumstances and are particularly interested in talking to others with extragonadal tumours. Peter has been in remission since August 1996 (3xBEP - part of trial of 3 higher dose courses instead of 4). The tumor was the size of a grapefruit and only discovered due to pain from it having chipped away some of his breastbone (no other symptoms). The chemo caused it to shrink completely and he is now on 3 month check ups (blood tests and chest x-ray) and annual CT scan.
Hugh - North Carolina
Diagnosed at age 35 (Mar 00) with a mediastinal nonseminoma (Choriocarcinoma). The tumors involved the anterior mediastinal area with metastases to both lungs. My Beta HCG level went from 465,435 down to less than 2 over the past year. I was Treated with 4 cycles VIP chemotherapy. I Lost over 35 pounds during treatments. In April 2001 I had a mediastinotomy for tumor excision from both lungs and the sack around my heart. Currently in remission. Now addressing fertility issues after cancer treatment.

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