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Because of the often personal nature of Testicular Cancer, some folks prefer to get some one-on-one advice rather than broadcast their situation to the whole world. To help out in this, we have compiled a list people who are willing to provide confidential TC related support... many thanks to all who participate in this valuable manner of support! And if you would like to join in this effort, please send me a note.

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Non-Seminoma Support

Doug Bank - Riverwoods, Illinois - TCRC Publisher - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 26 (Oct 1992) with Stage I Non-Seminoma (immature teratoma, teratocarcinoma, yolk sac tumor). Treated with Surveillance. Married with 3 kids, all conceived after the cancer.
Scott - Missouri
Diagnosed at age 26 (Oct 1995) with Stage I Non-Seminoma (mostly embryonal cell carcinoma). Treated with RPLND. Married and working as an family physician. Adopted a newborn baby 6/99 because of TC related infertility.
Matt - Washington
Diagnosed at age 16 (Nov 1996) with Stage II Non-Seminoma. Treated with chemo and RPLND. The cancer came back in August 98 and was treated with a bilateral RPLND.
Kevin Kuehler - Arlington Heights, Illinois
Diagnosed at age 26 (Mar 1997) with Stage I Non-Seminoma (embryonal and teratocarcinoma). Treated with RPLND. The cancer recurred in the lungs in Nov 97. Recurrence treated with chemo. Married with 1 child and a miracle bun in the oven. Another cyclist with a nutty lump, or a lumpy nut!
John - USA
Diagnosed at age 31 (Oct 1996) with Stage I Non-Seminoma (embryonal). Treated with Surveillance.
Ronan - Israel
Diagnosed at age 28 (1995) with Stage I Non-Seminoma. Treated with RPLND. Gay.
Eric - Rockville, Maryland
Diagnosed at age 26 (Dec 1993) with Stage II Non-Seminoma. Treated with Chemo and RPLND. Treatment was not easy, but it helped to have another TC survivor to lean on. The most uncomfortable part was realizing that I may be sterile. I went to the lab and banked sperm. Out of 12 samples, they were able to get four good ones which were frozen until last year. It took a few years to regain my fertility, but three years after the treatment I was told that I was not shooting blanks anymore.
John Cavallaro - New Jersey - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 33 (May 1997) with stage I Non-Seminoma (mixed germ cell carcinoma: immature and mature teratoma, seminoma, embryonal carcinoma, yolk sac and syncytiotrophoblasts) while in graduate school. Treated with nerve-sparing RPLND. Unmarried, no children.
Scott - New York
Diagnosed at age 39 (Mar 2000) with Stage I Nonseminoma. Treated with surveillance. To me the RPLND was just not an option. So what if I go to the doctor 12 times a year? Life has changed.
Brandon - Portland, OR
Diagnosed at age 28 (Mar 1998) with Stage I Nonseminoma. Treated with surveillance. This was a relatively high risk surveillance given a 99% embryonal tumor, but it has been more than fifteen years without a recurrence!
Grant - Chicago
Diagnosed at age 33 (Oct 1999) with Stage I Nonseminoma. Treated with an RPLND. I would very much like to assist recently (and similarly) diagnosed patients who may be considering the same treatment options. I am very open to questions from the patient as well as loved ones about the "entire experience"!
John S - Denver, CO - Personal Story Link
Diagnosed at age 25 (Jan 1997) with Stage I Nonseminoma (100% embryonal with vascular invasion). Treated with 2xBEP.
Kurt - Eaton, Pennsylvania
Diagnosed at age 33 (Apr 1998) with Stage I Nonseminoma. Treated with an RPLND. He had a clean RPLND, but it still came back in his lungs and did not want to go away. He had 4 cycles of BEP and 3 cycles of High Dose chemo with a stem cell transplant.
Robert - USA
Diagnosed at age 34 (Dec 1996) with Stage III Nonseminoma. Treated with bilateral RPLND and 6 cycles of chemo. I have experienced a lot of complications that I would be happy to discuss. These include bleomycin side effects, lymphoceles, retrograde ejaculation, sperm banking, fertility problems, insurance problems, support issues and a divorce! I am 3 years cancer free and all is well, no, life is very good. Still have lymphocele problems every now and then.
Sachin Waikar - Chicago, IL
Diagnosed at age 32 (March, 2001) with Stage I Non-Seminoma (95% embryonal with vascular invasion). Treated with 2 cycles of preventative chemotherapy (platinum and etoposide)--an unconventional, controversial approach--at the University of Chicago cancer center. Married with one child and hoping to have more. I spent a lot of time deciding among surveillance, RPLND surgery, and chemo, and would be happy to discuss what went into this difficult decision.

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